Best To Never Be Heard with Stotty P (@stotty_p)

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When the elevator to success is out of order, use the staircase and elevate one step at a time. There are no shortcuts in life, so be ready to go the extra mile when pursuing success. At the end of your journey, all your hard work will eventually pay off.

Nobody understands perseverance better than Distinct Coalition emcee Stotty P. The Canadian rapper is a workhorse throughout the underground circuit and has dedicated over a decade to his craft. This year alone, he released three collaborative projects (alongside Jess Zee & Kartoon), each more dynamic than the last.

Stotty P could’ve ended the year on that note. Instead, he decided to release one more project before bringing in the new year. The 14-track solo album, Best To Never Be Heard, is a solid way to end the 4th quarter. Pouring his soul into every record, it’s clear that Stotty still has plenty to speak on.

Best To Never Be Heard is now available on all music streaming platforms. Be sure to give it a listen today! For more music-related news, follow Stotty P on Instagram @stotty_p.


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