20/20 Perception with Gq the Prince (@gqtheprince)

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Don’t dumb down your talent for the comfort of others. Perform your craft as if your name belongs at the top of everyone’s list. Put your absolute best foot forward, and the people who matter most will eventually take notice.

Gq the Prince is a rapper from New Haven, Connecticut. Inspired by the GOATs of the culture (Jay-Z, Nas, etc.), he always aspired to follow in their footsteps while creating a path of his own. Using his music to express his outlook on life, Gq vowed to treat every verse like it was possibly his last.

In 2019, Gq the Prince released a 5-song EP titled Authentic. While staying true to his nature, he planned for the project to stand the test of time in the over-saturated market for years to come. Making something he could stamp his name on, the New Haven rapper knew he was on the right track and continued to move onward. 

His latest single, 20/20 (produced by Pyro Lucain), is available on all music streaming platforms. Be sure to give it a listen and run those numbers up. A music video for 20/20 (directed by OB) is also available on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Gq on Instagram @gqtheprince.


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