Hop In pt.2 with Jefferson Cash (@jeffersoncash)

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For an artist to succeed, their desire for success needs to exceed their fear of failure. When creating a lane for themselves, they should always start with a secure foundation of solid building blocks. Having the right people in your corner is essential, but believing in yourself is most important.

With over 50,000+ Spotify streams, a follow-up to the hit single Way You Lie (featuring Nique The Geek) seemed inevitable. With engagement at an all-time high, Jefferson Cash took notice and put the plans in motion to make it happen. Linking up again with Nique, the two orchestrated another vibe while looking to capture lightning in a bottle yet again.

Hop In is now available on all music streaming platforms for your listening enjoyment. Check out the melodic vibe and ride along to the smooth track with your seat reclined back. Tap into the animated video (directed & animated by Mitch Flix) and peep the entertaining visual content now live on YouTube.

For more music-related news, you can follow Jefferson Cash on Instagram @jeffersoncash. Stay tuned for more updates as they unfold.

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