Bindi Barz – Queenin’ (video) Directed by Sandra O’Connor

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Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time. This quote by Jean-Michel Basquiat will forever tie the two creative forms together in a timeless knot. When combined, it can result in a unique experience for all viewers in attendance.

Bindi Barz recently released a new music video for her boisterous single titled Queenin’. The aspiring rapper doesn’t waste any time getting down to business. Confidently flowing over the track, her assertive approach demands your undivided attention for the entire duration. Refusing to be derailed by any sideline distractions, her ambitious demeanor is strong enough to keep her on a steady course towards success.

The music video itself is an abstract combination of color, sound, and dance. The surreal experience is like peering through a kaleidoscope while navigating a colorful sketch-like dancefloor. Every transition takes you deeper into the rabbit hole. When paired with a catchy bounce beat, the trippy vibe is sure to have you glued to the tube.

Video animation by Martin Ponferrada, who can be contacted on Instagram @martinponferrada. Directed by Sandra O’Connor, produced by Diane Villavieja, and performed/choreographed by Olivia Porter. Be sure to check out the video today exclusively on Vimeo. Stay tuned for more music-related news on Bindi Barz in the coming future.

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