The Take Off with WaLLA (@walla_421)

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After a minor delay, the first single by WaLLa is finally clear to leave the runway. Released by CFAM Records, in collaboration with Magic Squad Records, The Take Off is currently available on Spotify for your listening enjoyment.

The uptempo beat and barreling lyrics make for an edgy roughneck-type of vibe. Feeling like the dancefloor might explode into a moshpit at any moment, WaLLa delivers close to 4-minutes of frenetic energy while demanding your undivided attention.

Striking while the iron is hot, WaLLa and CFAM Records plan on dropping a couple of new songs by the end of the month. Currently being mastered, Should Have Known and I Aint Dealin’ wich Yo B*llsh*t are both nearly ready for release. After you get a dose of The Take Off, make sure to follow WaLLa on Spotify for more exclusive bangers.

For more music-related news and business inquires, you could check him out on Instagram @walla_421.


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