Opening The Gates with WaLLa (@walla_421)

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Grand Rapids, Michigan artist WaLLa is teaming up with CFAM Records to drop his first official song release on September 3rd. After facing a few life-altering setbacks as a teen, he channeled the pain of his past and began pouring everything into his music. 

Inspired by the lyricism of Tech N9ne and his love of poetry, WaLLa began crafting literature of his own. Still, the thought of what his peers would think of his music kept his ambition at bay for quite some time. Finally realizing his full potential, he decided it was time to be heard. 

WaLLa plans to use his voice to influence those who are living a life plagued by doubt. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Don’t let a few dozen people hold you back while a million onlookers are waiting to watch you soar.

To stay up-to-date with WaLLa’s first official song release on September 3rd, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Facebook @walla_421 @magicsquadwalla.

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