Hip-Hop Quotable #003 with Eizlo (@eizlomusic)

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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Quotable section of Rap Olympus Media, where elite pens showcase their talent for all to see. Enjoy!

Hip-Hop Quotable

What you wanna do, this a power move, say you wanna be blessed

Layin’ next to me, tattoo destiny, all across her neck 

At a loss for words, smoke fog the room, know we on the best 

Fig Farms and that Krush Kings, want loud bitch say less 

This is the vibe they all want, harder to get to the front, make it my job 

Caught In the rhythm, you talk I live it , the people they get it you see the heads nod

Stabbing right thru the beef ain’t no Kebob, bombin’ on tracks and ain’t screaming Allah

Eizlo too wordy he come across odd, not walking thru doors I’m tearing them off 

I’m here to stay, ya I said it I’m raw kid, no hands left only paw prints 

They don’t gas shits garbage, they dime a dozen – guitar picks 

Give em hell regardless, need a feature might charge grip 

Risk ya life if you cross this, make ya body move no cross fit 

Packs thru coatati kick no karate, bitch in the back bags ridin’ shotty

Got the bread all on my mind, 24/7 this more than hobby 

Hold the weapon if it comes to it for the fam you know I’ll go catch the body 

Keep the peace so it’s Middle East on y’all in a minute let’s get it poppin’ like yeah…


From the song “What U Wanna Do” (first verse)

Off “The Black Tie Event” album

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