A Space Adventure with Ucancallmety (@ucancallme_TY)

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Those who fail to think outside the box will eventually trap themselves in one. Creativity is the most important tool an artist can have at their disposal. Allow yourself to utilize your full potential by traveling the road less traveled.

Our story takes place in a galaxy not too far away (Los Angeles, to be exact). A student of the Hip-Hop culture known as Ucancallmety is hard at work studying the art form of musical melodies. Often hesitant to express himself, everything changes after discovering the therapeutic nature of creating music. In doing so, he found his creative voice and is now ready to launch into orbit. 

The Adventures of Space TY is a full-length music soundtrack that ties into a comic book. Written by Tyrell Watler and illustrated by Erika Bacon, the comic portion of the collaboration is now available for purchase on Amazon. The soundtrack will be dropping on Spotify and Apple Music shortly, but a pre-save option is now available for those interested. Don’t miss out on the experience, and be sure to tap in today!

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Ucancallmety on Instagram @ucancallme_ty or directly hit him up at Ucancallmety@gmail.com.

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