Forever Yung with Mirzy Bey (@mirzybey)

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After the 2021 May release of More Than Average, North Philly artist Mirzy Bey is back with a full-length project titled Forever Yung. With musical inspiration stemming from various cultural icons, Mirzy didn’t find true motivation until a close friend (R.I.P Tree) unexpectedly passed away.

Since the ordeal, he has gotten the chance to work with multiple artists from his hometown (Mir220, Nr3, Blizzoe, Ot7quanny, 100deek). The eager talent is now ready to solidify his position amongst the best in the city, with an extensive track record to back him up. His confident demeanor and musical approach are sure to lay down the groundwork for a solid future.

Be sure to check out Forever Yung, now available on your favorite music streaming platform. For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Mirzy on Instagram @mirzybey or Twitter @lilmirzymane.

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