Deposits Only with Spits Nelson (@spitsnelson)

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Every successful person in history began by pursuing a passion, usually against all odds. Persistence and motivation separate those who fall short from those who persevere. In the music industry, an artist could be one song away from shattering that elusive glass ceiling. Deposit all you can into your dreams and bank on your talent to get you there.

Creating music for the past 17+ years, Spits Nelson is the epitome of commitment. The New Jersey artist uses his voice to share his perspective on life and the experiences that come along with it. His relatable concepts and heavy-bar approach embody a classic East Coast-style, a reminder that substance is still a factor today.

Following the 2020 release of Free Lunch and Antarctica, Spits is back with a new single titled Deposits, now available on your favorite music streaming platform. While promising never to go broke again, he raps like a veteran brimming with confidence. If you’re new to his music, you won’t be disappointed the least.

With plans on getting back into producing and engineering, rest assure something exciting is currently in the works. For more music-related news and to stay up-to-date with Spits Nelson, follow him on Instagram @spitsnelson.

– I take my shades off and stand at the podium. You in the crowd looking real salty, too much sodium.

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