A Leap of Faith with ItzEli (@eli_r33d)

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God will either catch you when you fall or teach you how to fly. Taking that leap of faith may be the key to unlocking your full strength and potential. Though you may not see the path he wishes you to take, know he paved it with good intentions.

Elijiah Parker (stage name ItzEli) was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Coming from a family of artists, he found his passion for writing and recording music early on. The Christian rapper spent most of his life attending church and listening to Hip-Hop. Combining the two, he tapped into a new style of rapping called Christian Trap, which he hopes to introduce to a mainstream audience.

ItzEli recently released two new singles titled  Die For Me and Walking Casket, currently available on SoundCloud. His previous singles, Rapture and Rambeau, are both sitting at over 200k plays and counting. Looking to mirror their success, the young artist continues to work nonstop on expanding his fanbase and core following.

With plans on releasing some visually aesthetic music videos in the future, ItzEli’s endgame is to sign with a major label and eventually go on tour. Putting all his faith in family and God, his journey is sure to be an interesting one. For more music-related news and business inquiries, be sure to follow him on Instagram @eli_r33d.

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