Hip-Hop Quotable #001 with Fred the Godson (R.I.P Gordo)

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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Quotable section of Rap Olympus Media, where elite pens showcase their talent for all to see. Enjoy!

Hip-Hop Quotable:

Fred the God, Phife Dawg with the punchlines

Arsonist, Nick Cannon on the drumline

Rest in Peace Muhammad!

Rest in Peace Muhammad!

In lovin’ memory, I blast kid

I leave (Ali)…ya there if don’t tell me where the cash is (Cassius)

I’m spitting the ropes, no different approach

And those that don’t get it is gon’ get it the most

They riding waves, I wave at ’em

New York beggin’ me to eat the apple, let’s stay at ’em (Adam)

I pat ’em on the back, applaud they effort

L.A Reid flow, I can show you epic (Epic Records)

Can’t do it for you, I could only prep it

They never give me credit, I use only debit…oh well!

The street’s hot, load the colt, we cope

And play the block like the rope-a-dope

Fred the Godson

From the song “Ali” (1st verse)

Off the “Ascension” album

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