80 Bar Challenge with Redman (@redmangilla)

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Reggie Noble issued an 80 bar challenge to anyone looking to flex their pen game. Earlier this month, Redman went live on Instagram with the open invitation. It didn’t take long before every caliber of emcee joined the festivities.

While treading the muddy waters, we found more than a few elite pens making waves. Delivery, wordplay, and dedication are prominently on display. Check out a few artists who are taking the challenge to the next level.

Do you have what it takes to rock with the Funk Doc? Download the beat and get started today!


100 Kufis (@100kufis)

Mickey Factz (@mickey.factz)

King Spills (@kingspillsbk)

Zeke (@_mrdolo_)

Hellz Yea! (@the_hellzyea_godsquad)

The Hoodies (@thehoodies845)

Silence Seward (@sil3nc3seward)

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