Walking in the Shadows with Verbi¢yde

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Verbi¢yde is a hip-hop artist from New CastleDelaware (Hellaware) who currently resides in New York. He began writing rhymes during his mid-teens but didn’t start recording until he got a bit older. Inspired by the likes of Metallica and Wutang Clan, his musical horizons expanded with each passing year.

Currently, he is in the process of juggling a ridiculous amount of projects at once. Verbi¢yde hopes this musical journey enables him to craft a body of work that appeals to all different genres of music. 

His latest single, titled Reach, features Stevie Stone and Sleeze Bucketz. The dark undertone of the beat sets the backdrop for the entire record. The chorus and each verse allow you to glimpse into the shadowy mind of each artist for a brief moment.

For a deeper look into Verbi¢yde’s music portfolio, check out his YouTube channels (Verbicyde Shadowalker & Str8 Jack-it Recordz). To stay up-to-date with music-related news, follow him on Instagram @verbicyde.

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