Rap Olympus: MVBT Final Round

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Welcome to the Final Round of the Rap Olympus: Music Video Battle Tournament. A special thank you to everyone who participated in Round 1 and 2 and all those returning today, we greatly appreciate your support. Be sure to vote on today’s battle to see who will win it all!

IMPORTANT INFO: Please remember multiple votes from the same IP address will not be tolerated. Any IP address showing more than one vote will be disqualified from the record. Moving forward, we decided to appoint 4 secret guest judges for the remainder of the contest. These judges have a higher voting power than everyone else and have no affiliation with anyone in the tournament. Now that we got that out the way, best of luck to the remaining contestants.

Jonni Apollo – Ch.1 Episode 2 – Afieromeni Stin


Groov Marro – Stop Me

Voting polls will close on Sunday the 14th at 4 pm EST.

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