(Interview) Jonni Apollo: Destiny Manifested

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Rap Olympus Media got a chance to sit down with Jonni Apollo to discuss his new up & coming project. You won’t want to miss this, here’s how it went down!

Rap Olympus Media: First off, thank you for taking the time to sit down with us today.

I appreciate you having me. Feels good to have an Olympus stage showcasing my story.

Rap Olympus Media: You’ve been keeping busy all 2020; can we expect the same energy in 2021?

Absolutely! I’m ready to kick it up another notch this year. It’s time to show the world why I deserve to elevate my career to the next level. 2021 will be life-changing, and I’m 100% ready for it.

Rap Olympus Media: So let’s talk about your next big project currently on the horizon. What’s the full title of the EP?

The Birth of a Deity EP (feat: Stevie Stone) Produced by Wyshmaster Beats.

Rap Olympus Media: How many tracks can we expect?

Currently, there are 8-songs already accounted for and locked-in. This EP is going to be huge for my musical career. It inspired me in so many ways and amped-up the whole creative process. It’s bound to make waves upon its release.

Rap Olympus Media: How would you describe the sound of it?

It’s a straight-up Strange Music/Wyshmaster Beats sound. Wyshmaster produced a handful of tracks for one of the twelve gods already, Tech N9ne (Zeus himself). His track record is quite extensive, so I know my fans will appreciate this collaboration.

Rap Olympus Media: Do you have a favorite song?

The dreaded question (lol). All though I love the entire project, 3-songs top off my favorites list. In no particular order, they’re Ancient & Modern Day Deities (feat. Stevie Stone), Counting Coinage (feat. Stevie Stone & Charlie Muscle), and PSA.

Rap Olympus Media: Did you work with different producers on the project?

No sir. I took ahold of an opportunity of a lifetime to work with Wyshmaster Beats and turned it into something the public wouldn’t expect to happen.

Rap Olympus Media: Do you plan to release a video for any of the songs?

Unfortunately not.

Rap Olympus Media: Do you have a set release date?

It’s dropping on January 2nd, 2021. Right around the corner!

Rap Olympus Media: Will it be available on all streaming platforms?

Absolutely! s/o to Symphonic!

Rap Olympus Media: Is there anything else you would like to share with the people tuning-in?

The Birth of a Deity (1/02/21). Chains From Apollo pt. 2 / The Broken Link (2/01/21), single releases. Chains From Apollo pt.2 (3/03/21), full album release. Day Scares and Night Dreams (03/23/21), single off Baby steps, Apollo. Baby steps, Apollo EP (4/08/21).

Rap Olympus Media: Again, thank you for taking the time to kick it with us over at Rap Olympus Media. We’ll be sure to follow your progress throughout the year; best of luck to you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am the Real Jonni Apollo, s/o to Olympus, may the gods bless us all.

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